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Profile : epic_fail

My name is Andrey. I was born, grew up and live in the stunning city — Saint-Petersburg. I’m
30 years old and I know everything about infographics. I learned about microstocks in 2013, the
same year I discovered Adobe Illustrator and have been working with it ever since. I tried out
several graphic styles but never got the desired satisfaction from my work. It was the
infographics that conquered my heart! I find inspiration everywhere and anytime, even while I’m
stuck in a traffic jam or having dinner in a restaurant. This is why I never leave my home without
a sketchbook and a pencil. I keep on learning new styles and techniques: in the past year I
started creating isometric illustrations, cartoon characters and motion design. Despite having
lots of graphic works in my portfolio, I am convinced that it is just the beginning, and more
records are yet to come!

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