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Profile : SpicyTruffel

I am vector illustrator

Onlined Files

  • Customer support landing page. Cartoon call center operators and information service with online consultants. Vector client support web set 67158493
  • Movie making poster. Film festival, online cinema and movie production banners with cartoon film crew shooting scenes. Vector onboard screens 67158492
  • Kawaii faces. Cartoon anime and manga cute emoticons with big black eyes, funny faces with different emotions. Vector expressions set 67158491
  • Children reading in school. Cartoon cute school kids and students sitting at the desk and studying. Vector school boys and girls learning with books 67158490
  • Hand drawn wheat. Grains plants in bag and cereal in bowl, rye barley and wheat ear spikes. Vector sketch for food package design template 67158489
  • Baroque ornament. Border engraved filigree elements with leaves, vintage Victorian scroll decorative arabesque. Vector frame heraldic swirl 67158488
  • Shoes on legs. Cartoon sport and fashion wear on foot, female and male legs with sneakers and socks. Vector hand drawn set 67158487
  • Coronavirus. 2019-nCoV virus lifetime on various surfaces and materials, dangerous disease spreading and prevention. Vector infographic 67158486
  • Delivery landing page. Food and goods online order and delivery with courier to home and office. Vector smartphone and web application 67158485
  • Online video training. Coronavirus isolation and work from home concept, employee training and business meeting. Vector set of online tutorial 67158484
  • Modern typography. Futuristic font with condensed uppercase and lowercase symbols for logo design, headers and brand identity. Vector geometric alphabet 67158483
  • Paper cut Eco city. Smart city ecosystem sustainable by green energy, environmental protection and recycling vector concept 67158482
  • Gamepad pattern. Seamless texture with console videogame controllers and game slogans. Vector video gaming and entertainment pattern 67158481
  • Camera UI. Mobile phone application with photo and video viewfinder and UI elements and buttons. Vector phone screen with icon setO, hand drawnR and flash 67158480
  • Cosmetic oil. Realistic advertisement banner with beauty cosmetics and golden oil drops. Vector luxury product with yellow liquid 67158479

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