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Profile : MASA

主な著書に、徹底 皇居花めぐり(講談社)、皇居散策ガイド(三栄書房)、皇居の花(学研)、華麗なバラたち(日本写真企画)、鎌倉の花(ワニマガジン社)、鎌倉の秘道(日本写真企画)などがあります。



Camera Equipments

Canon EOS 5D

Onlined Files

  • When Ponkan comes to fruition 54628713
  • Showa Shousuke's flower blooms 54628712
  • Summer oranges at the time of eating 54628711
  • When the kumquat is ripe 54628710
  • When mikan is ripe 54628709
  • Kobushi bare wood standing in the winter sky 54628707
  • Autumn leaves of Nanten 54628706
  • Holly flowers bloom 54628705
  • Autumn leaves of Nanten 54628704
  • Black fruit and autumn leaves of himeshara 54628703
  • Autumn leaves of Saranoki that shines in the blue sky 54628702
  • Bare tree of cherry blossoms in winter sky 54628701
  • In the early winter, the remaining fruits of Umedoki 54628700
  • Deep autumn, yellow leaves of the leaves of lily of the valley 54628699
  • Autumn leaves of cherry blossoms that shine in the blue sky 54628697