Profile : Polarpx

Photographer and graphics designer with over 9 years experience in the world of photo and graphics design. I have qualifications in both online and offline development and my career covers a variety of many different design assignments.


Photo, Design, Gardening, Family, Sports

Camera Equipments

Sony A900

Graphic Softwares

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

Onlined Files

  • Hoarfrost on a window in the winter 43698305
  • Sunrise by a forest lake in the winter 43698304
  • White horse on a field with a fence 43698302
  • Camp site with a fireplace and a bench 43698301
  • Nature trail in a green forest at springtime 43698300
  • Autumn landscape with a deer at a distance 43698299
  • Autumn leaves en various warm colors in the sun 43698298
  • Autumn maple leaves in golden colors 43698297
  • Pink flowers in a garden on a rainy day 43698295
  • A Small Emperor Moth caterpillar passing a trail 43698294
  • Wooden hunting tower in a green forest 43698293
  • Poison Amanita Muscaria mushroom growing 43698292
  • White geese under an apple tree 43698290
  • Rabbit under a tree in a garden 43698289
  • Orange kitten walking in a green garden 43698286