Profile : Polarpx

Photographer and graphics designer with over 9 years experience in the world of photo and graphics design. I have qualifications in both online and offline development and my career covers a variety of many different design assignments.


Photo, Design, Gardening, Family, Sports

Camera Equipments

Sony A900

Graphic Softwares

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

Onlined Files

  • Colorful flowers in a garden on a bush 40115514
  • Crops on a field with trees on a row 40115513
  • Broom bushes in beautiful colors on a green meadow 40115512
  • Cloudy weather over a rural green field 40115511
  • Agriculture landscape with crops on a field 40115510
  • Landscape on a countryside with a green field 40115509
  • Single pink tulip in a garden with bokeh lights 40115507
  • Pylons on a green field with crops 40115506
  • Forest at the end of a green field 40115505
  • Orange tip butterfly on a grass straw 40115504
  • Trees on a row on a field 40115503
  • Blue tit on a small twig in the spring 40115502
  • Barnyard with green grass and a woodstack 40115500
  • Spring landscape with green fields 40115499
  • Beautiful sunrise over the ocean 40115498