Profile : Polarpx

Photographer and graphics designer with over 9 years experience in the world of photo and graphics design. I have qualifications in both online and offline development and my career covers a variety of many different design assignments.


Photo, Design, Gardening, Family, Sports

Camera Equipments

Sony A900

Graphic Softwares

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom

Onlined Files

  • Cloudy weather over a rural field with broom 37371388
  • White horse on a rural field with a fence 37371387
  • Ostrich youngsters with their mother 37371385
  • Young ostrich bird hiding in the grass 37371384
  • Ostrich youngster in a sand dune 37371383
  • African ostrich protecting her eggs 37371382
  • Dough on a grill wrapped around wooden sticks 37371381
  • Green fields in rural environment in the spring 37371380
  • White daffodil flowers in a garden 37371379
  • Daffodil flowers in white colors 37371378
  • Little black goat youngster in black color 37371377
  • Black and white cow jumping in joy on a field 37371376
  • Cattle on grass in the spring playing around 37371375
  • Cows grazing on a green field in the spring 37371374
  • Holstein Frieser cow with the danish ecology stamp 37371373