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Hi! My name is vasily Sleykh. I am a cameraman and an editor from Russia.



Onlined Files

  • Ophthalmologist uses medical instrument while performing a surgery. 59850890
  • Crying for help of Santa Claus stranded in a snowy field 59163114
  • Mining equipment working. Working machines on a quarry, moving breakstones. 55148595
  • SOS-message of Santa Claus in the snowy open space 47551783
  • Ballet lesson with a female coach instructing little girls 46193458
  • An engineer works with devices, standing on a roof near solar batteries. Alternative, green energy 44745802
  • Male engineer cleans solar panel. 44444887

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  • Slow motion mingling process of coals in the fire 58412531
  • Burning coals are getting shuffled with a rabble 58408855
  • Tongues of burning fire with coal inside of it 58408853
  • coals in the fire are getting moved in slow motion 58406838
  • A person with a rabble is mingling coals in the bonfire 58406837
  • Mingling of burning coals in slow motion 58406836
  • Slow motion of a rabble shuffling burning coals 58406835
  • Close up of fire and coals burning in slow motion 58406831
  • Slow motion hammering of a metal instrument 58320403
  • Hammersmith is beating iron with a hammer in slow motion 58320401
  • Incandescent metal is getting forged in slow motion 58320398
  • Blacksmith is using hammer to forge metal 58320396
  • Slow motion process of metal forging held by the craftsman 58318683
  • Smithy worker is beating heated metal with a hammer 58318672
  • Iron tool is getting hammered by the blacksmith 58318665

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