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There's a wide range of shots here so I'm sure you'll find some that suit your needs. I shoot in 4K and resize to HD, which produces very sharp video. Enjoy :)

Onlined Files

  • Moving Over Gravel Path At Night 37907867
  • Old Fashioned Radio Mic Rotating 37907848
  • Christmas Wreath With Pine Cone And Holly 37907846
  • Christmas Wreath In The Dark 37907844
  • Camp Fire Starting To Smoke 37907840
  • Lion Eating Dead Animal In The Dark 37907828
  • Lion Couple At Night 37907827
  • Jungle Frog Jumping Around At Night 37907826
  • In The Middle Of A Corn Field At Night 37907825
  • Large Bare Tree Under Full Moon 37907824
  • Hyenas In The Moonlight 37907823
  • Huge Shark Swims Past At Night 37907822
  • Horses Walking In Rainy Wilderness At Night 37907821
  • River Water Swirling In The Dark 37731294
  • Roof Tops In Snowstorm At Night 37731293